Philosophy of the World presents Sweet Thing Volume 1! On Sweet Thing Carr runs down our favorite new releases and reissues that have been getting heavy rotation around these parts. Sarah Louise joins us on the show to talk about her bright and shimmering new album, Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars. The rest of the show ranges from polyrhythms and cheap beats from Tanzania’s Jay Mitta, to the nomadic Michael O’Shea and his mesmerizing Mo Chara playing, to the unsettling dark atmospheric masterpiece of Black to Comm. Tune in for some of the freshest cuts from the underground.


1. Ill Considered – “Percolator” from Ill Considered VI

2. Bendik Giske – “High” from Surrender

3. Laurie Spiegel – “Stand of Life (‘Viroid’)” from Unseen Worlds

4. Mac-Talla Nan Creag – “Flight” from The Sorrow of Derdriu

5. Jay Mitta – “Tattoo Pesa” (feat. Doga Janja) from Tatizo Pesa

6. Sarah Louise – “Ancient Technology” from Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars

7. Steve Gunn – “Stonehurst Cowboy” from The Unseen In Between

8. Dolphin Midwives – “Satya Yuga” from Liminal Garden

9. Cucina Povera – “ZOOM0001” from Zoom

10. Gum Takes Tooth – “The Arrow” from Arrow

11. Black to Comm – “Asphodel Mansions” from Seven Horses for Seven Kings

12. G.S. Schray – “Greyfield Envoy” from First Appearance

13. Michael O’Shea – “Guitar No. 1” from Michael O’Shea

14. Zoo – “Hegamila” from Khawagaka


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In the mid 1980s an underground community festered in blue collared Seattle. Inspired by the DIY raucous of punk and the burly distortion of metal, grunge music was born. The region was initially ignored by the music media in favor of bigger cities like LA and New York. Acts with harder, dirtier edges like U-Men inspired early bands of the scene like Green River, Malfunkshun, Skin Yard and Melvins. The loud, fast, moody, abrasive and authentic scene eventually spread beyond the Pacific Northwest, influencing bands like Babes in Toyland, L7 and Hole. As grunge hit the cultural zeitgeist through outlets like MTV, there was a tension between attaining success and staying true to their home-grown authenticity. While bands like Mudhoney maintained their independent and punk ethos, it was Nirvana who turned grunge upside down and ushered in the transformation towards more anthemic and arena-ready rock like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. It may have given way to some embarrassing post-grunge alt metal shite, but we can still look back on this important and transformative movement fondly.


1. U-Men – “They!” from Deep Six Compilation

2. Green River – “Swallow My Pride” from Rehab Doll

3. Mudhoney – “Touch Me I’m Sick” from Superfuzz Bigmuff EP

4. Melvins – “Heater Moves and Eyes” from Gluey Porch Treatments

5. Babes in Toyland – “Bruise Violet” from Fontanelle

6. L7 – “Fast and Frightening” from Smell the Magic

7. Alice In Chains – “Man In the Box” from Facelift

8. Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from Nevermind

9. Pearl Jam – “Jeremy” from Ten

10. Hole – “Violet” from Live Through This

11. Soundgarden – “Spoonman” from Superunknown

12. Mad Season – “River of Deceit” from Above


Companion Material:
Everybody Loves Our Town by Mark Yam
Grunge Is Dead: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music by Greg Prato
Kurt & Courtney and Soaked In Bleach

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