Time to whisk away to a fictional paradise with our show on Exotica. Exotica was a popular jazz and easy-listening genre from the late ’50s and early ’60s that harnessed America’s interest in faux-Polynesian and tiki culture. Utilizing vibraphones, piano, exotic percussion and a healthy dose of bird calls, Exotica crafted a unique and fantastical world for its listeners to inhabit. We cover Martin Denny’s genre-defining output, Les Baxter’s essential compositions that laid the groundwork for the movement, Arthur Lyman’s gorgeous, dreamy vibes and of course plenty of oddball outliers as well. Make yourself a strong mixed drink and melt into your couch on this episode of Philosophy of the World.

1. Martin Denny – “Quiet Village” from Exotica

2. Les Baxter & His Orchestra – “Jungle Jalopy” from Ritual of the Savage

3. eden ahbez – “La Mar” from Eden’s Island

4. Arthur Lyman – “Sea Breeze” from Taboo

5. Frank Hunter & His Orchestra – “White Goddess” from White Goddess

6. Ethel Azama – “Ringo Oiwake” from Exotic Dreams

7. Elisabeth Waldo – “Festival Of Texcatlipoca” from Rites Of The Pagan

8. Robert Drasnin – “Hindara” from Voodoo!

9. Paul Conrad – “Kahuna” from Exotic Paradise

10. The Surfmen – “Orchid Lagoon” from The Sounds Of Exotic Island

11. Bud Tutmarc – “End Of The Trail” from Sacred Hawaiian Melodies

12. The Gene Rains Group – “Tropic Trade Winds” from Far Across The Sea

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