Time to whisk away to a fictional paradise with our show on Exotica. Exotica was a popular jazz and easy-listening genre from the late ’50s and early ’60s that harnessed America’s interest in faux-Polynesian and tiki culture. Utilizing vibraphones, piano, exotic percussion and a healthy dose of bird calls, Exotica crafted a unique and fantastical world for its listeners to inhabit. We cover Martin Denny’s genre-defining output, Les Baxter’s essential compositions that laid the groundwork for the movement, Arthur Lyman’s gorgeous, dreamy vibes and of course plenty of oddball outliers as well. Make yourself a strong mixed drink and melt into your couch on this episode of Philosophy of the World.

1. Martin Denny – “Quiet Village” from Exotica

2. Les Baxter & His Orchestra – “Jungle Jalopy” from Ritual of the Savage

3. eden ahbez – “La Mar” from Eden’s Island

4. Arthur Lyman – “Sea Breeze” from Taboo

5. Frank Hunter & His Orchestra – “White Goddess” from White Goddess

6. Ethel Azama – “Ringo Oiwake” from Exotic Dreams

7. Elisabeth Waldo – “Festival Of Texcatlipoca” from Rites Of The Pagan

8. Robert Drasnin – “Hindara” from Voodoo!

9. Paul Conrad – “Kahuna” from Exotic Paradise

10. The Surfmen – “Orchid Lagoon” from The Sounds Of Exotic Island

11. Bud Tutmarc – “End Of The Trail” from Sacred Hawaiian Melodies

12. The Gene Rains Group – “Tropic Trade Winds” from Far Across The Sea

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One comment on “Ep. #42 – Exotica

  1. Keith Mar 16, 2019

    Getting caught up on your podcasts. Enjoying this episode this morning. 4 songs deep so far. The Arthur Lyman is new to me. Thanks as always for sharing the excellent new (to us) music and for the efforts you put into the presentation.

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