How to describe Julia Holter? Is she a singer-songwriter? Composer? Sound designer? Holter is one of the most innovative artists on the music scene today. While she has roots in classical composition and piano, Holter has developed an unparalleled and thoughtful sound that eloquently interweaves avant sensibilities with sophisticated pop. We focus on her full length albums starting with her highly conceptual debut, Tragedy, that captured the focus of the underground blogosphere. She found her way to Domino crafting the opulent Loud City Song and her highly praised pop record Have You In My Wilderness. The episode culminates with Holter’s stunning beast of a record, Aviary, which stands as possibly her most ambitious and outward looking effort to date that is sure to dazzle the sensorium. We at Philosophy of the World look forward to what Julia Holter does next.


1. “Goddess Eyes” from Tragedy

2. “Try to Make Yourself a Work of Art” from Tragedy

3. “Fur Felix” from Ekstasis

4. “Marienbad” from Ekstasis

5. “World” from Loud City Song

6. “Maxim’s I” from Loud City Song

7. “Sea Calls Me Home” from Have You In My Wilderness

8. “Feel You” from Have You In My Wilderness

9. “Voce Simul” from Aviary

10. “I Shall Love 1” from Aviary


Companion Material
Julia Holter web site
John Cage and the mesostic poem
Euripides’ Hippolytus
Gigi by Colette and Gigi (1949)
Aviary Recording and Players

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