Philosophy of the World episode 32 is all about the early years of post-punk. It’s such a diverse and important movement we couldn’t fit it all in so we focused on its formative years of 1978 and 1979. From the ashes of UK punk, the appropriately dubbed post-punk emerged carrying the raw DIY ethos of punk but embracing new sounds and experimentation. A disparate group of artists coalesced under the expansive umbrella of post-punk in major hubs of London and Manchester in the UK and New York and San Francisco in the US. Dig in to this rich movement with us and enjoy the angular funkiness of Gang of Four, the dub-infused rhythms of The Slits, the early synth experimentations of Tuxedomoon, and the textured, cold dissonance of Public Image Ltd.


1. Public Image Ltd. – “Public Image” from First Issue

2. Magazine – “Definitive Gaze” from Real Life

3. Siouxsie & the Banshees – “Hong Kong Garden” from The Scream

4. Gang of Four – “Damaged Goods” from Entertainment!

5. Wire – “Practice Makes Perfect” from Chairs Missing

6. Tuxedomoon – “No Tears” from Tuxedomoon EP

7. A Certain Ratio – “Do the Du” from The Graveyard & the Ballroom

8. The Pop Group – “She Is Beyond Good and Evil” from Y

9. The Slits – “FM” from Cut

10. Public Image Ltd. – “Careering” from Second Edition/Metal Box

11. Pere Ubu – “Navvy” from Dub Housing

12. The Fall – “It’s the New Thing” from Live at the Witch Trials

13. The Raincoats – “Adventures Close to Home” from The Raincoats

14. Joy Division – “Disorder” from Unknown Pleasures


Companion Material
PiL on The Tom Snyder Show
Siouxsie & the Banshees’ Lords Prayer
Blaine Reininger (of Tuxedomoon) Documentary
Rip It Up and Start Again by Simon Reynolds
Early Show by The Slits
BBC Four Punk Britannia (Part 3 of 3)

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