Ariel Pink (Ariel Rosenberg) is the focus of episode 30 of Philosophy of the World. We explore two decades of his outsider pop ranging from the early, blasted and lo-fi home recordings, to the Haunted Graffiti records that earned him a cult following, and up to present day with his slicker, widely renowned records. We begin with the compiled early recording experiments from Thrash & Burn and the early albums under the moniker Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti that partially inspired hypnogogic pop and chillwave in underground music. Some of these records were eventually reissued on Paw Tracks thanks to Animal Collective, vaulting Ariel Pink into newfound prominence and accolades. Since that time he’s released a consistent string of excellent LPs on 4AD and, earlier this year, on Mexican Summer with Dedicated to Bobby Jameson. Tune in to enjoy decades of music from this controversial weirdo outsider.


1. “I Disguise You” from Thrash & Burn

2. “Tractor Man” from Underground

3. “For Kate I Wait” from The Doldrums

4. “Are You Gonna Look After My Boys” from Scared Famous/FF>>

5. “Interesting Results” from House Arrest

6. “Credit” from Lover Boy

7. “Jules Lost His Jewels” from Worn Copy

8. “Round and Round” from Before Today

9. “Menopause Man” from Before Today

10. “Dutch Me” from Ku Klux Glam

11. “Driftwood” from Mature Themes

12. “Put Your Number in my Phone” from Pom Pom

13. “Jell-o” from Pom Pom

14. “Tears on Fire” from Myths 002 EP

15. “Bubblegum Dreams” from Dedicated to Bobby Jameson

16. “Feels Like Heaven” from Dedicated to Bobby Jameson


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Ariel’s Rumored, Unreleased Werewolf Movie

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4 comments on “Ep. #30 – Ariel Pink

  1. Sam Spiwak Jan 21, 2018

    Impressive! You guys seem to really know your stuff! Fun fact on The Doldrums; Throughout the years the track list and art was revised, the primo OG 2000 copies had hand-sketched art and started with Strange Fires, ending with Envelopes Another Day, while the ’03/’04 copies had art closer to the Paw Trax release and the full 9 glorious tracks. through these years the album went through TONS of revisions!

    • Thanks for checking out the show and for the info on The Doldrums. I had no idea all the changes and revisions it ultimately went through. Thanks again and hope you continue listening – let us know if there is anything you want to hear.

  2. I really enjoyed your Ariel Pink podcast. I have been a fan of his work since hearing “Every Night I Die at Miyagi’s” on a New Music for 2006 Uncut CD. I’ve seen two shows in 2011 and 2018 and I was amazed that Ariel and his bands managed to capture his recorded sound live. He has built a musical empire by writing amazing songs and creating his own sonic universe. It is a shame that he is so poorly represented in interviews. Hopefully he has shed his ‘trolling’ persona. His recent Talkhouse podcast interview is a step in the right direction. It is nice to hear a podcast from commentators who feel enthusiastic about his music but annoyed by the lack of high-quality, in-depth conversation about his artistic process.

    • Hey Rob, I’m in complete agreement. Ariel’s one of my favorite song-writers around today and while his persona has definitely turned some heads it’s also frustrating and distracting. We’re going to have to check out that Talkhouse interview. I agree it would be great if he were to drop his more obnoxious ways. Glad you enjoyed the episode!

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